About Us

The man behind ITAnano technology, Mr. Alessandro Baldieri, his exposure to an eclectic mix of culture, nurtured what he regards as “an eclectic mix of inspiration!”. Born in Italy and educated in California,  Baldieri is fluent in 4 languages. He studied architecture and design at the Art Center College of Design, leaving him well-positioned to seize opportunities in Hollywood. Not before long, Baldieri picked up interior-design commissions from actors and other California-based luminaries. In 2006, Baldieri launched his first collection of Alessandro Baldieri watches. Excellent sales were achieved in Western Europe and Asia, but a bigger breakthrough came from Baldieri’s fascination for futuristic manufacturing materials. In 2011 he said to us all — especially his Milan-based R&D team, (ITAnano Technology)  “It’s time we paid proper homage to the cool stuff  used in Formula1 and military jets, let’s make the most exciting range of watches to blow everyone's mind  ”Disegno Italiano”.  We launched a new way to perceive expensive watches at an affordable price, and ITAnano began taking shape.